Noblekey GmbH | FAQ
What keys can be refitted? How does the refit work? Can you choose a design? What do we need for the refit? How does the shipment of the keys work? How long does the manufacture take? What materials can be chosen? What does a Noblekey® cost? Can you view specimens?
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Joy in the unique.

Men do not have a lot of jewellery.

The joy of owning the sports car you have longed for such a long time or the passion for a vintage car, both form the perfect basis for a nice surprise with a matching Noblekey®“ But also a private yacht or jet – it is time to replace the plain steel or plastic keys in this segment.

A befitting gift on the occasion of the move into a luxury apartment or a classy present for your own house after the wedding? There are many occasions – a key always has a fascinating symbolic power.

For an impressive appearance we also have a hand-made Luxury-Key-Box in our portfolio. A tight-fit leather sleeve protects the key in daily use without thickening the product.

What keys can be refitted?

In principle, we can refit all keys from car keys through plane keys up to keys for yachts and real estate. This includes modern car keys with electronic components.

How does the refit work?

Upon request, we copy the original key bit. If the key contains electronic components, the circuit board will be removed and fitted into the new design. This also works for keys without bit and the usual slot. (Keyless Go).

Can you choose a design?

Yes. A Noblekey® adopts distinctive design elements of the object. We have matching designs for many major car makes already. Upon request, we will design something completely new.

What do we need for the refit?

We merely need the original or spare key, paired with your car.

How does the shipment of the keys work?

You can send us your key securely and conveniently by registered mail without palpable content as letter or parcel via ordinary mail. The dispatch to us through a forwarding agent specialised in the transport of valuables, with whom we constantly cooperate, is also possible. In any case, the return of the jewellery key will be insured and is made as valuable cargo b by advising the dispatch and only against verified signature. This applies to both domestic and foreign orders. We will assist you with pleasure and inform you of any additional details.

How long does the manufacture take?

Since all Noblekey® are manufactured individually by hand, we need on average approx. 8 to 12 weeks for production.

What materials can be chosen?

Sterling silver always forms the basis combined with radio-permeable precious wood or special ceramics. Matching leather, special varnishes and, upon request, also gold, platinum and precious stones complement the choice.

What does a Noblekey® cost?

Individuality, craftsmanship and innovation in the luxury segment have their price. Prices for a unique Noblekey® start at approximately € 1,980 to € 4,500 plus VAT for the basic version. Each key will be individually calculated in a detailed offer prior to sale.

Can you view specimens?

Yes, this can best be done at national and international trade fairs and exhibitions. Or you arrange an individual appointment. Please use our contact form.