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Upon request only. Absolutely individual. Delicate handicraft and the use of precious and expensive materials comply with our understanding of German craftsmanship.
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Upon request only. Absolutely individual.

The first step is the design. Let yourself be inspired by the existing creations for many luxury car brands. Your car is not listed? We will develop a new design – featuring the distinctive characteristics of your car brand. Any existing electronic components will be taken from the old key and fitted into the new one. Also the pushbuttons will be positioned accurately to the fraction of a millimetre.

The next step of the individualisation is carried out with colour coordinated leathers and seams, matching varnishes or identical precious woods of the interior. The individual piece of jewellery is rounded off by silver plaques bearing the initials of the driver or owner and, upon request, special emblems and logos.

Delicate handicraft and the use of precious and expensive materials comply with our understanding of German craftsmanship.



Our key evolution.

The value of a thing is determined by its scarcity. And rare we are! Our key concept and its implementation is unique in the world. And we take pride in that. A Noblekey® incorporates the simplicity of an item used every day with a beautiful design. It is a pleasure both to see and feel the cool and smooth hand-charmer.

The key rests firm and heavy in your hand – that`s value you can feel.


Precious and beautiful.

In the goldsmith and jewellery sector, we only make use of precious materials such as sterling silver, gold, platinum, brilliants and other precious stones, special ceramics, leather and varnishes, mammoth ivory and rare precious woods. From silver moulding through positioning diamonds to the fine leather seam and elaborate polishing of precious woods – skilled craftsmanship and superior materials go hand in hand.

Precious woods.

Fascinating natural beauties.

A lot of attention is devoted to the used precious woods. Their appeal lies in their diversity and individuality as well as their truly unique grain, structure and colour composition. The precious wood parts we use are individually refined by hand in an elaborated process. This accentuates their natural texture and makes them resistant to normal wear and tear.

Precious woods in combination with sterling silver stylishly complement the ambience of an elegant dashboard. This especially flatters vintage and classic cars. Make your choice from some 35 precious wood types.



Thank you for appreciating our work.

We don’t believe in prefab parts.
 Individuality, craftsmanship and innovation in the luxury segment have their price. Prices for a unique Noblekey® start at approx. € 1,980 to € 4,500 plus VAT for the basic version. Each key will be individually calculated in a detailed offer prior to sale.

Please contact us for a detailed quotation:

Solicit offer


Clip. Leather sleeve. Luxury-Key-Box.

A carrying clip made of massive sterling silver and a tight-fit sleeve are useful accessories for daily use. Our handcrafted Luxury-Key-Box is suitable for representational purposes and especially stylish gifts. Upon request, it comes in the colour that matches the car.

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